Fishing Report

Fishing Report

A Passion for Perch (excerpt for Potholes Reservoir)

A Passion for Perch
Dave Graybill - 12/1/2004

It comes at this time every year. It’s the season for perch fishing, and my brother Rick just can’t help himself. He starts making calls to see if there’s ice safe enough to allow fishing for perch at Banks Lake or Fish Lake, anywhere that he knows that these mini-walleye gather for spawning. His friends shake their heads. This is the guy who is legendary for salmon and lake trout fishing on Lake Chelan. He has caught steelhead by the score on Northwest waters. I’ve seen him battle marlin in Hawaii. But this time of year, if you mention the word perch, his eyes glaze over and just like Homer Simpson he utters---purrrhhhrrrch. It’s out of control.

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Pothole Reservoir Statistics

  O'Sullivan Dam
Potholes Reservoir

  • Lake Type: Artificial Reservoir, Dammed
  • Water Level Control: Bureau of Reclamation
  • Surface Area: 27,800 acres
  • Normal Elevation: 1,052 feet
  • Average Depth: 18 feet
  • Maximum Depth: 142 feet
  • Water Volume: 500,000 acre-feet
  • Completion Year: 1949
  • Trophic State: eutrophic