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This Is A Great Winter Spot

2009deerinpark02While living at Sun Desert Senior RV and Mobile Home Park in the summer is great, living in it during the winter is also rewarding.  Many of the park residences spend the whole year here enjoying all the different seasons.  There are birds, wildlife, fishing, gardening, hunting, and a variety of other things to do. These photos were taken during the winter 2009 season. The deer actually made a refuge in the park surrounded by mobile homes and RV’s.  No matter what the season is, they can be seen running through the park to get water from Frenchman Hills Creek.  The pictures you are 2009deerinpark01seeing were taken by several residences in the park during the winter season.  They were able to enjoy watching these deer daily and the deer were not afraid.  They probably figured the none of the residences would let the coyotes, hunters or other predators do them any harm.  The park is located so that they are close to water and to the gardens and foliage that are here year around.  They were cozy living with us and we didn’t even charge them rent.  So, as you can see, living here in the summer or in the winter is very rewarding.


2009deerinpark03  2009deerinpark04

Women's Coffee Every Thursday

CoffeeJune3rdEvery Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m., the ladies of the park gather together in the Community Center for coffee and good company.  There are about 10 of us and we have a great time talking about the things that are coming up, what happened at Bingo, and just plain catching up with each other.  We really have a great time!


These coffee breaks are a great way to get to know each other and find out about the new activities, crafts, exercise classes and the big fish their husbands are getting, and planning for parties.  We are hoping that more ladies will join us on Thursdays.  Bring your own cups and coffee.  We would love to see you.


If you would like the password for the Wi-Fi ask for it at the Community Center office. Or catch one of the on-site managers while they are out and around the park and ask one of them.

Potholes State Park - (a personal review)

Potholes State Park - (a personal review)
by Rachael B, Seattle WA

Potholes State ParkWell, what I like about Potholes State Park is that it gives you access to the Potholes Reservoir. Which is basically a sand dune area that has been flooded. Which means it is a lake dotted with tons of mini sand islands.

So, get in your boat, kayak, canoe and carefully explore and find yourself a weekend deserted island. Watch out for submerged logs and sand dunes that are just barely covered with water. Which means if you are in a motor boat don't go too fast.

People bass fish here. Mostly big mouth but my Dad sure was proud the day he caught a smallmouth bass.

I just like to find a little island to call my own and pretend that I and whoever I am with are the only folks in the world. (Ok, this does get interrupted by people coming by in boats but sometimes you can find a relatively secluded place to be.)

You have to pack in your own water and food and of course do remember to pack it out! Also, it gets very windy and hot so bring something to make both shade and a windbreak. Also, bring a snake bite kit as this is rattlesnake country.

Lots of birds to see too so bring your binoculars if you are into birding.

(more pictures of Potholes State Park)

(google satellite map showing sand islands,
click on map to move - VERY COOL)


Potholes Wildlife Area - Hiking

Potholes Wildlife Area - Dunes Ramble

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moseslake-sanddunes2This is desert hiking at its best--a lovely trail (a fisher trail turned into a great hiking trail) that bobs up and down over little dunes for miles. As you walk through the sand dune environment, enjoy expansive views to the south overlooking the heart of the Potholes area--miles and miles of water surrounded by miles and miles of sand dunes.

The trail leads due south out of the turnaround area along the top of the dune on which you parked. As you begin your walk, you'll immediately enter a garden of wildflowers--wallflower (yellow), yellow bells, and fern-leaf desert parsley cover the ground and are especially lovely when seen beneath the willow trees along the water.

At about 1.5 miles out, follow the trail down to the edge of the water. If you are an angler, bring a rod and reel and you might catch crappie, bluegill, bass, and/or perch in the murky waters. Indeed, you can often catch fish with your hands--the panfish love the sun-warmed shallows and frequently get trapped in isolated pools as the reservoir levels drop. During low water, you might see fish skeletons scattered across the sands--the local raptors and coyotes make quick work of the trapped fish.

From this fishy area, head east for another mile or more and encounter dunes that roll on seemingly endlessly. Turn around after playing in the sand dunes for a while.

Welcome to Sundesert Park

Welcome to Sun Desert
RV & Home sites near Moses Lake, WA

1-signFor the best in desert living.

Sun Desert is an RV and manufactured home community covering 40 high desert acres 17 miles South of Moses Lake, WA.  There are 36 RV sites and 54 Home sites.  Twenty New RV sites are under construction. This a wonderful spot for a vacation home or a full time residence.


RV sites can be rented on a yearly basis, so once you pick out your favorite site you can make sure it's saved for you whenever you choose to visit.   

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Sundesert Park Rates 

  Open Spaces Avaliable

Daily $43.16/day
Weekly $215.80/wk

2 Weeks $323.70
Monthly (30 day) $395/month
Yearly (annual contract, call for rates)

 Rate Quotes include local tax!


To qualify: 

  • Well maintained trailer/motorhome
  • No truck camper or tent
  • Comply with ALL posted park rules
  • Guests at RV site by prior approval
  • Well behaved pet OK, leashed if outside

Call For Open Spaces

1 (253) 765-5723 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5:30pm PST)
206-742-8275 (After Hours)


Email For Reservations: