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Smoked Salmon or Walleye

Brine – 1 Quart Water, ¼ cup salt, 2-3 lbs fresh fish  Make a brine of water and salt. Pour into large glass baking dish or other shallow container. Arrange fish in brine. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Before starting fire or preparing smoker, lift fish from brine and arrange on wire racks to air dry 20-30 minutes.

CEDAR PLANK – At lumber yard pick up a 1 inch x 8 inch x 8 foot cedar plank. Cut into 19 inch long sections (you can reuse planks by soaking them after use and then cleaning them with soal and water).   

PREPARATION – Soak plank in water overnight or several hours before using. Before plaing salmon on plank coat plank with olive oil. After the fish has air dried, place salmon in shallow pan and marinate at least 30 minutes with the following: Juice of 2 limes, ½ cup olive oil, ¼ cup teriyaki sauce, 5 cloves of finely chopped fresh garlic and 1 finely chopped shallot. 

After fish has marinated, make sure both sides coated, place the fish on the board and grill on indirect heat until your digital readout reaches 125 degrees. Gently remove from plank and Bon Appetit!!!