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Why We Moved to Sun Desert RV and Manufactured Home Park


This was the house when we first moved in. Now it has a tree and some landscaping around the house and our RV is pulled alongside.

Why We Moved to Sun Desert RV and Manufactured Home Park
by Daryl Stone

The reason we moved to the Othello area was due to the rain, traffic, noise and traveling between the two families trying to see all the kids and grandkids.  After spending countless hours in traffic jams, we decided we really needed to have a nice quiet place to retire to and have plenty of space to have friends and family visit.  We both love fishing and knew that the weather in the Othello area was sunny and warm and decided to look around Banks Lake, Potholes, Moses Lake and the other multiple lakes in this area. 

When looking around for a RV Park to stay in for about 2 months until we find our prefect place, we decided to look at a place that we had spotted before.  It happened to be Sun Desert Senior Park.  When we drove into the park, we both fell in love with it because of all the space each RV lot had plus the sheds located on most lots for storage.  It was well groomed and everyone took very good care of their piece of the park.  However, when we stopped to talk with the manager, we were told that they were full but had a waiting list for any upcoming spots and we could put our name and phone number on it if we would like.  We asked why there were some spots empty but had no openings.  It seems that most people who stop here love the place and rent year round because of the quiet, individual sheds, park like landscaping and roomy lots.  So we put our name on the list and waited. 

We dry camped on the O’Sullivan Dam in one of their many fishing spots and stayed there approximately ten days enjoying the area, shopping, fishing, sunbathing, relaxing and enjoying the many birds, fish, and wildlife in abundance in the area. We got a call from the manager just before we started back to the Puget Sound area and were told that if we wanted to, we could park for a few days in their guest parking spots.  So we moved our motor home and settled in for a week.  Zaran, the owner of the RV/Mobile Home Park was there and came over to talk to us about a new area in the park that was opening up with ¼ acre manufacture red home lots for rent that required a 2-car garage and 2-3 bedroom MFH.  Since we were looking for property in the area, we decided rather than buying property, why not rent the land that our home could go on.  We picked the best spot of course (at least for us). 

In 2007, we had our MFH delivered to the park and waited until it had the foundation, garage and home totally set up.   What a wonderful moment when we were able to move into our new home.  The park residences were wonderful and friendly, the park is beautiful and the weather is great.  What more could you ask for.  We can invite the families and friends to come visit because we have a 2 bedroom MFH and a motor home with full hook up to use as a third bedroom.  

Since we moved here, we have seen more family and friends than we did when we lived closer to them.  It is great and they all love taking their “vacation” with us because of the same reasons we moved here – quiet, fun, relaxing, no plane noise, bird watching, coyotes, deer, and of course the great fishing all around. Hopefully, our friends and family will be moving here too, when they retire and become good neighbors like the ones we now have. 

by Daryl Stone  (& Lorraine)
Proud Residents of Sundesert RV Park



Sundesert Park Rates 

  Open Spaces Avaliable

Daily $43.16/day
Weekly $215.80/wk

2 Weeks $323.70
Monthly (30 day) $395/month
Yearly (annual contract, call for rates)

 Rate Quotes include local tax!


To qualify: 

  • Well maintained trailer/motorhome
  • No truck camper or tent
  • Comply with ALL posted park rules
  • Guests at RV site by prior approval
  • Well behaved pet OK, leashed if outside

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206-742-8275 (After Hours)


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