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This Is A Great Winter Spot

2009deerinpark02While living at Sun Desert Senior RV and Mobile Home Park in the summer is great, living in it during the winter is also rewarding.  Many of the park residences spend the whole year here enjoying all the different seasons.  There are birds, wildlife, fishing, gardening, hunting, and a variety of other things to do. These photos were taken during the winter 2009 season. The deer actually made a refuge in the park surrounded by mobile homes and RV’s.  No matter what the season is, they can be seen running through the park to get water from Frenchman Hills Creek.  The pictures you are 2009deerinpark01seeing were taken by several residences in the park during the winter season.  They were able to enjoy watching these deer daily and the deer were not afraid.  They probably figured the none of the residences would let the coyotes, hunters or other predators do them any harm.  The park is located so that they are close to water and to the gardens and foliage that are here year around.  They were cozy living with us and we didn’t even charge them rent.  So, as you can see, living here in the summer or in the winter is very rewarding.


2009deerinpark03  2009deerinpark04


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