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Potholes State Park - (a personal review)

Potholes State Park - (a personal review)
by Rachael B, Seattle WA

Potholes State ParkWell, what I like about Potholes State Park is that it gives you access to the Potholes Reservoir. Which is basically a sand dune area that has been flooded. Which means it is a lake dotted with tons of mini sand islands.

So, get in your boat, kayak, canoe and carefully explore and find yourself a weekend deserted island. Watch out for submerged logs and sand dunes that are just barely covered with water. Which means if you are in a motor boat don't go too fast.

People bass fish here. Mostly big mouth but my Dad sure was proud the day he caught a smallmouth bass.

I just like to find a little island to call my own and pretend that I and whoever I am with are the only folks in the world. (Ok, this does get interrupted by people coming by in boats but sometimes you can find a relatively secluded place to be.)

You have to pack in your own water and food and of course do remember to pack it out! Also, it gets very windy and hot so bring something to make both shade and a windbreak. Also, bring a snake bite kit as this is rattlesnake country.

Lots of birds to see too so bring your binoculars if you are into birding.

(more pictures of Potholes State Park)

(google satellite map showing sand islands,
click on map to move - VERY COOL)



Sundesert Park Rates 

  Open Spaces Avaliable

Daily $43.16/day
Weekly $215.80/wk

2 Weeks $323.70
Monthly (30 day) $395/month
Yearly (annual contract, call for rates)

 Rate Quotes include local tax!


To qualify: 

  • Well maintained trailer/motorhome
  • No truck camper or tent
  • Comply with ALL posted park rules
  • Guests at RV site by prior approval
  • Well behaved pet OK, leashed if outside

Call For Open Spaces

1 (253) 765-5723 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5:30pm PST)
206-742-8275 (After Hours)


Email For Reservations: