Sundesert RV Park: About The Park

11-shady-grassy-sitesDesert Life:

Sun Desert is a RV and manufactured home community covering 40
high desert
acres.  There are 46 RV sites and 54 Home sites. The RV sites are fully developed and usually fully rented year around. Ten New RV sites are under construction, and ten sites just opened! There are 16 homes (manufactured homes) already in the park and there is a new area with 10 new homes sites available. This a wonderful spot for a vacation home or a full time residence.

c_sunrise About The Area:

Sun Desert borders the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge Area and Potholes State Park. Thousands of acres of desert wilderness, sand dunes, criters, and a 25,000 acre lake formed by the O'Sullivan Dam.


The wildlife is amazing — hundreds of different kinds of birds, ducks, geese, cranes, rabbits and coyotes. The Killdeer, a species of bird, builds its nest on the ground and when you try to get close to their nest they will try to draw you away by pretending to have a broken wing. The coyotes will serenade you at night, they love to howl at the moon.


Sun Desert is just three minutes away from 6 boat ramps. It is close to a golf course and a country store.



O'Sullivan Dam - Canyon

O'Sullivan Dam - spillway and canyon
(great fishing holes in the canyon)